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'About Our Company'

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to present our company, Great Lakes Commercial Construction, Inc. (GLCCI) , to you. Please feel free to thoroughly peruse our website and to ask as many questions of us as you would like. We are proud of our accomplishments and are pleased to answer any and all inquiries.

Great Lakes Commercial Construction, Inc. and its' associates have over 100 combined years of experience in the construction, development and construction management industries. In particular, our forte is in the commercial industry; retail centers, tenant improvements and restaurants.

Although our corporate offices are located in Ohio, we are licensed in, and have done business in and continue to do business in many states; especially in the Midwest, South and along the Eastern seaboard.

We have recently completed projects in Washington D.C, Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio and Iowa. We have upcoming projects in Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Ohio. Our team has built for Dunham Sporting Goods, Hallmark Cards, Rex TV and Appliance, Staples, Best Products, Apac Teleservices, Applebee's, Taco Bell, Brueggers Bagels, Arby's Restaurants, Moe's Southwest Grill and many other commercial projects as well as 'white box' build outs for clients.

By working proactively to keep our overhead costs low, we are able to offer our clients added value in their projects at a reduced overall cost. We are experienced with working out of town projects and will go wherever our client needs us to be. Our emphasis is always on our clients' needs.

We believe a Companys' reputation should stand by itself. That is why we stress to our Partner/Clients and 'our' personnel that the Clients' needs are to be addressed first, and above all. Our clients expect and deserve the best in value, quality and performance, combined with an honest and an open relationship. All of our projects have been successful because we stress this policy at GLCCI.

Protecting and enhancing our client's reputation and interest is our priority and our policy. We look forward to providing you with our services and we know you will be satisfied with our performance.


Dan Wiley President

Great Lakes Commercial Construction, Inc.